Start by researching the average score ranges at the schools to which you are interested in applying. Review your practice test to give yourself an assessment of (1) where your score falls in relation to other applicants at the schools to which you wish to apply, and (2) how much time you will need to invest in your preparation to make yourself a viable candidate for your choice schools. Your practice test score will give you an approximate range for your GMAT score. Essentially, if you took the GMAT that day, you could expect to score within 30 to 60 points of your practice test score.

To further understand your score, consider the following:

If your score is between 200 and 400
  • You are scoring below the mean and you should:
    • Do math review and practice to improve content knowledge.
    • Take a GMAT preparation course to gain comprehensive instruction on GMAT topics, approaches, and strategies.
    • Take a math class (Algebra, Statistics, or Calculus) at a local college.
  • Start your prep today!
If your score is between 400 and 600
  • You are scoring near the mean and you should:
    • Do focused review and practice on your weaker content areas.
    • Consider taking a GMAT preparation course if you haven’t already taken one.
    • Consider hiring a tutor to help address specific weaknesses if you’ve already taken a course.
If your score is between 600 and 700
  • You are scoring above the mean and you should:
    • Assess your practice test(s) to identify specific areas of weakness.
    • Practice and review with questions from those areas.
    • Consider hiring a tutor to help you address weaknesses and refine your approaches and strategies on strong areas.

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