Applications. Interviews. Essays. More Essays. And, of course, crafting that all-important "narrative" to provide cohesion to it all. Applying to business school is a long, arduous process that involves more than just conquering the GMAT. It can get pretty confusing, not to mention costly and needlessly time consuming  if you're not on the right path from the get go.

There's also the not-so-insignificant matter of completing the degree program itself. And not just completing, but effectively completing it so you can get the best ROI from your b-school education.

Thankfully, we've got you covered!

Bell Curves has partnered with knowledgable and experienced MBA Admissions Consultants to give our students a leg up in planning their road to - and through - the b-school of their dreams.

All of our courses and tutoring packages come standard with a 1-hour consultation with one of our Admissions Consulting partners. That way you know exactly what you'll need to do to make your b-school leap, and you'll know where to go to get that vital information and guidance.


Let's Meet the Consultants:

Leeds Consulting

LEEDS Coaching is a full service MBA Admissions Consulting  and Career Management company founded in 2002. We provide application strategy formulation, school selection based on assessment and fit, essay development and review, resume critique, and interview preparation. We also work with our clients to ensure their school choices are well thought out and in alignment with their career vision.

Find out more by visiting the LEEDS Coaching site here.

  • Founder & Principal: Claudia Sampson (BIO)
  • The Free Consultation:
    A LEEDS coach will guide prospective business school candidates as they prepare on their career journey.

Martene Sinclair MBA Consulting

With her experience as an Admissions representative, an MBA Admissions Consultant and a recruiter, Martene is able to provide her clients with expert feedback on not only their business school applications, but on how to position themselves in various industries, in order to accomplish their career goals.

Get a sense of the MBA Consulting Process with Martene Sinclair.

  • Founder & Principal: Martene Sinclair (BIO)
  • The Free Consultation:
    Martene will conduct a 1-hour introduction that provides guidance on the structure and considerations necessary for a successful run at applying to your choice MBA programs.
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