Our premium tutors are our rising stars.

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    Premium tutors have an average of 3 years working with us (although they often have prior experience through other companies), are highly recommended by their students, and have helped dozens of students achieve their best GMAT scores. Our premium tutors will deliver our curriculum customized for your learning style and schedule.

Description Price Due Today
Premium Tutoring: Hourly
$175.00 $175.00
Premium Tutoring: 10 Hour Package


$1,500.00 $750.00
Premium Tutoring: 20 Hour Package


$2,700.00 $900.00
Premium Tutoring: 30 Hour Package


$3,600.00 $900.00

  • "I began the Virtual GMAT Course with Yanique this evening. She is WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for the opportunity to work with such a gifted and patient instructor."
  • "Bell Curves Q&As are a wonderful component of the instruction, and allow a great source of additional guidance to help understand the tough questions. Thanks Bell Curves Team!"
  • "It was a pleasure working with you. You did a phenomenal job keeping me motivated and helping me to really¬†grasp the quant concepts. ¬†"
  • Melanie L.
  • Erica H.
  • Oneica G.
  • (646) 414-1586
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