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  • Thank you Bell Curves for making my success on the GMAT a reality. I increased over 100 points since my prior official score. I broke into the 650+ range and scored over the 90 percentile on the verbal. Bell Curves filtered out the extra noise out there around the false GMAT tips and tricks. They provided structure on how to approach and deconstruct math and verbal questions so I always kept the 'real question asked' at the top of mind as I worked. Their approach to time management helped a lot, boosting my score 50 points once I adopted it. Their hands-on approach and emphasis on student participation helped me to understand the way the GMAT writers think and ask questions. I had personal tutoring as well. Third person observation of my errors and trends helped correct the way I studied and practiced for the GMAT. I highly recommend Bell Curves for your test prep.

  • I am happy to report that I am officially done with the GMAT, after increasing my overall score by 150 points! I am extremely thankful for my teacher Andrew and the entire Bell Curves team for the support. Before taking a Bell Curves course I completed a popular GMAT prep in person class, but I did not receive the results I was hoping for. Recognizing that I needed to approach my exam preparation differently I decided to enroll in a Bell Curves online course. This weekly course provided me with the necessary structure to succeed on the exam and taking the course online gave me greater flexibility with my schedule. The statistics provided after every practice exam and set of practice questions were extremely helpful, these results helped me craft a custom approach that helped me achieve such great improvements. My teacher, Andrew was also very accessible and great at answering my questions as well as helping me develop my strategy. Finally, the Bell Curves' approach, mastering one subject at a time helped me tremendously. I highly recommend Bell Curves to all those preparing for the GMAT!

  • I wanted to share the good news that I have been admitted to Stern, Booth and HBS! Thank you for all of your help with regards to the GMAT and your advice of when to begin to focus on applications. I know that my GMAT score was an important component of my application and without your help I may not have achieved the score that allowed me to be considered at these schools. I truly appreciate your assistance and I look forward to beginning my MBA journey soon!

  • After taking a full GMAT course + private tutoring with Hany ElDiwany in the fall, I have nothing but great things to say about Hany's teaching/tutoring skills!!! He's very patient, quickly targets weak areas and follows up with various on the spot drills and questions to shore up those weaknesses. Hany is great at creating his own questions and strengthening & weakening retired OG quant questions to reach someone at the level they're at. Very unique skill set I must say. In addition, Hany was always available to answer questions via email 24/7 ( even while he was on vacation). Overall I can't ask for better service than that. Great experience all around!!

  • I worked with Ajani Burrell as a private tutor and he was extremely personable, patient, and encouraging. Even when I reached my lowest point in the studying process, Ajani continued to provide crucial guidance to help me push towards reaching my target score. In the end, Ajani and Bell Curve's ability to provide me with a more structured preparation process made all the difference. After trying 2 other GMAT prep companies, Ajani and Bell Curves provided exactly what I needed to break 700 on the GMAT.

  • Studying for the GMAT was a long and often a trying journey for me. However, being on the other end of the process now, I see why people say that the key to success is consistency and perseverance. One-on-one tutoring helped me to hone in on gaps in both my knowledge and test taking strategy. Being able to identify and fill in these gaps gave me the confidence to achieve my goal score.

  • Before taking a Bell Curves GMAT preparation course, I took the GMAT and received a score of 430. To get into the school I was interested in, I needed to raise my score at least 70 points. After taking the Bell Curves GMAT prep course, I raised my GMAT score 100 points to a 530. Thanks to this course, I have been accepted into Georgia Southern's MBA program where I will be attending classes this fall. The instructor was available and helped focus on my areas of weakness. The online materials provided with the Bell Curves prep course were extremely effective, since they were very similar to the questions on the GMAT itself.

  • Despite working with two different test preparation companies, I really struggled with my timing the first two times I had prepared for and taken official GMAT exams; the courses and tutors I had took a general approach that didn't necessarily focus on the areas in which I needed to improve and really didn't help address my timing issues. My Bell Curves tutor helped me develop a rigorous study plan that focused on improving my weaknesses (Geometry, Number Properties, and Sentence Correction) and consisted of Bell Curves timed sets, which allowed me to simultaneously become more aware of my timing on each section and close the gap in my problem areas. After three months of (no social life) tutoring sessions, practice CATs, and timed sets using both the online Bell Curves student center and the Official Guide for GMAT Review, I earned a 730 (46Q, 45V) on my third official GMAT exam. I am so grateful to my tutor for putting up with all my "silly" questions and really pushing me to achieve well above the target score I had set for myself.

  • After 3 years of off and on studying, I finally beat the GMAT with a 160-point improvement! The best decision I made over the course of those 3 years was hiring Ajani Burrell to be my tutor. He taught me the ins and outs of the GMAT, from how to attack Data Sufficiency questions to how to effectively read Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning questions. Most importantly, Ajani helped me to adjust my ingrained approach to each type of question so that I would be most effective in understanding and correctly answering the question. Ajani is the man! For anyone that's willing to work, Ajani will be your greatest asset. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a great tutor. Thank you Ajani! Thank you Bellcurves!

  • I started my GMAT preparation with a course outside of Bell Curves. My main challenge was that the schedule went so quickly there was limited time for review during my work week. Bell Curves was very good about providing structure to fit my needs and after several disciplined months of study, I have successfully beat the GMAT!

  • Bell Curves Q&As are a wonderful component of the instruction, and allow a great source of additional guidance to help understand the tough questions. Thanks Bell Curves Team!

  • I had literally tried everything before working with Ajani. I self studied, took a class, and hired a tutor, all to no avail. Ajani was my lucky charm. After working with him, I got the score that I needed to get into Stern, Columbia, Booth, and Cornell...I even got scholarship money!!!!   Ajani is a gem and the Bell Curves method works!

  • Christina is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher who takes a methodological approach to GMAT content, in turn giving her students the tools they need to succeed. She  truly cares about the success of her students, and makes sure each student receives individual attention catered to his or her particular learning style. Thanks to Christina, I was able to succeed on the GMAT and continue on to Columbia Business School.  I recommend her course to any prospective students I speak to who have not taken the GMAT yet.

  • You're a great teacher, Ajani. I wish I had went with Bellcurves earlier in the process. Thanks so much for all your help!

  • It was a pleasure working with you. You did a phenomenal job keeping me motivated and helping me to really grasp the quant concepts.  

  • I had pretty much given up on the GMAT after doing a full-length course and a few hours of tutoring with 2 other test prep companies. After bombing the GMAT my first time (500, Quant 27, < 20%), a tutor from one of the “top” test prep companies reasoned that math was not my forte and that I should focus solely on the verbal to increase my score. I soon realized that he was a waste of my time and money because not only was his advice crazy, we had no formal meeting place, so tutoring sessions at Starbucks weren’t really effective. Fast-forward to me walking into the BC office a total anxious wreck. I purchased tutoring hours and began working with Ajani, who, let me just say, is nothing short of amazing! After reviewing my work from just 1 practice test, he was able to identify my weaknesses and repeated mistakes. Ajani was super patient with me and never made me feel like the idiot I was making myself out to me. Even with my stupidest mistakes, he would find a takeaway point from it…AMAZING! The BC books and online material were also extremely helpful. From the books I learned new, but really simple and reliable ways to attack each question type. The online CAT quizzes and exams were the most realistic practice questions that I’ve seen. On my actual exam, for some of the questions, I was thinking, “oh…this is just like such and such question from the BC material.”One of my biggest hurdles was my fear of the exam; working with Ajani and practicing on my own with the BC material really helped overcome this fear and I walked into the exam feeling confident…for the most part. All in all, my BC experience was beyond worthwhile. I regret not starting my prep with them initially. I truly believe that I would not have been able to conquer the GMAT without them. Final score – 650…got the horrendous quant raw score up to 42.

  • Thank you for your help and support through this process. You definitely provided a much needed and positive perspective. I appreciated your support even as I moved the test date out multiple times. You went way above and beyond as a tutor and I really appreciated this extra effort. I am also appreciative of all the BC review sessions I was able to attend. With your help I was able to go from the low to the high 500s, which is an accomplishment. 

  • Thank you for everything that you did to help me. I was accepted to Georgetown, Cornell, Rotman, Babson, and IESE. I am very happy! I decided to move to Cornell and am getting ready to do so!

  • Thank you so much! I feel like I have a game plan. The ten pages I did on perms and combs from the Quant manual have laid out quite a simple and clear foundation, so I look forward to my GMAT challenge!

  • I think one of the concepts most students overlook and undervalue when it comes to practice and studying is consistency. Getting my target score time and time again not only showed improvement, but also helped build a confidence I could draw on come test day and throughout the application process, which was invaluable.  My tutor and I were able to develop a steady, balanced study strategy that was successful because it fit my needs and work style.  In three months, I was able to improve my score by 70 points, even after having broken the 600-mark.  So I'd like to thank my tutor for his patience, flexibility, resolve and encouragement.  It's not always about studying hard, but studying smart.

  • Bell Curves is nothing short of AMAZING! After struggling with the GMAT twice and repeated courses with another test prep company, I was almost convinced I had reached my apex. It wasn’t until I began working with Akil Bello that I began to see major results. The Bell Curves' method helped my score jump 130 points and I couldn’t be more grateful. Bell Curves is hands down the way to go if actionable solutions to your GMAT woes are what you need!

  • Thanks so much for bringing Bell Curves to Atlanta. I am happy to report a 110-point increase in my score since taking your class! You guys rock!  

  • Were not for Bell Curves' GMAT support, I might not have enrolled at Ross and sought to achieve the highest of aspirations. I certainly would not have cleared the "consulting bar" with my initial GMAT scores. Thank you for all that you've done and all that you continue to do in helping prospective MBAs succeed in the top business schools.

  • I started preparing with a GMAT book and learned a lot about the test, about the material that I needed to know, etc. But my scores weren't improving. I did 6 hours of tutoring with Ajani Burrell (who I highly recommend!) over four 1 ½ hour sessions. The problem solving methods and the material Ajani taught me, in addition to the work I had done prior to working with him, were crucial, as were the countless practice problems I did afterwards. On test day, I couldn't believe what I saw: a 48Q and a 41V for a combined score of 720. I sat there for a solid minute just staring at the screen.  It was nice to know that everything I did and every hour and dollar I spent preparing for the test paid off.  I gave my final fingerprint, was given my score printout, and left a happy man.

  • I spent a small fortune with the so called top GMAT prep companies on the street but they all fell short on helping me make any improvements on my score.  Then MLT MBA Prep staff recommended a tutor from Bell Curves.  Nothing quite comes close to the level of individual attention and improvement I received from my private tutoring sessions.  My score improved 150 points in just a few sessions. Unlike other companies, my tutor was able to hone in on my issues and quickly fix them.  He went above and beyond to help me achieve my target score.  Additionally, the Bell Curves books not only teach you the concepts you need to know but they show you the techniques to beat the exam. If you are shooting for a top GMAT score, Bell Curves is the bar none the best.

  • I can't thank the Bell Curves Team enough, especially one Akil Bello, for all their expertise, patience, and support.  With their help I was able to conquer the GMAT to the tune of almost 300 points improvement!! They helped make all my hard work worthwhile. Thank you, Bell Curves!

  • Thanks to Bell Curves - esp. Akil and Ajani - for helping me to achieve my goal of getting the score that I needed for entrance to graduate school.The classes were small enough to actively participate in all the learning sessions, and the online material (i.e. CAT quizzes, drills, and homework) was an excellent source of practice work. Thank you again!

  • The GMAT is the ultimate hurdle to b-school, but Bell Curves provides a solid and customizable blueprint that makes the hurdle significantly less daunting. Bell Curves provides whatever you need, and they have a talented team of standardized testing experts that will diagnose your learning style to give you the customized instruction needed to beat the GMAT. My score improved by 150 points!

  • I have been highly recommending Bell Curves to friends and prospective students.

  • The website is one of the greatest assets at Bell Curves, because it imitates the computer functionality of the exam, which was something that I struggled with. The Bell Curves staff is very encouraging and supportive throughout the GMATpreparation experience and really keeps you motivated. The small class sizes and the emphasis on learning question types rather than specific questions were especially useful and helped my score.

  • Enrolling with Bell Curves was absolutely one of the best choices I made regarding my business school applications.  I was able to raise my score from a 640 to a 710!  My instructor quickly and effectively determined my areas of weakness using Bell Curves’ innovative diagnostic tools. The Bell Curves curriculum is content-focused, which allowed me to truly understand the GMAT rather than try to game the system. If you want to maximize your return on investment, sign up with Bell Curves!

  • By far the most important aspect for me was the additional 2-hour Question and Answer session that was offered free of charge every Tuesday. I was able to go over questions and concepts I struggled with. Jason taught most of the sessions and he is an absolute rock star. With class, the group Q&As, the one-on-one tutoring, and 24-hour email access, I don't think there was a quant concept that I didn't understand. As a result, my quant score jumped 16 points on my last test. Overall, I could not ask for a better team of people!

  • Thanks to Akil and the rest of the BC team I was able to raise by GMAT score by 120 points. The information we went over in class and the answers found on the website made taking the exam much less daunting.

  • My experience with Bell Curves' tutoring program was phenomenal! Having Aaliyah as my tutor allowed me to truly hone in on the skills I personally needed to develop in order to do well on the GMAT. Aaliyah was extremely flexible and encouraging during our tutoring sessions. Some days she was more of a coach than a tutor, but that was exactly what I needed to build my confidence and do well on the GMAT. Additionally, Aaliyah was very good at identifying my strengths and weaknesses upfront. Therefore she created a structured review plan that truly made a difference in my score.  Due to my sessions with Aaliyah, I was accepted into the Kellogg School of Management's class of 2011, which was the school of my choice!

  • Enrolling in a Bell Curves course was one of the best decisions I made in my preparation to apply to business school. While I initially thought that I could study and improve my score on my own, [Aaliyah] held me accountable and pushed me to study even when there were other important things competing for my time. Also, the Bell Curves approach just made sense. The way each lesson and assignment built on the previous one made taking on the GMAT a lot more manageable and less overwhelming. I have and will continue to recommend Bell Curves to others.

  • I just want to let you know that I took the GMAT last week and got a 770, a scaled score of 45 on the verbal and 50 on the Math. Thanks again for everything as your company definitely made this happen.

  • Well, today was finally the day, and...I SCORED 710!!   I want to thank Bell Curves. Though I continued to use other study books, features of the Bell Curves site definitely made me more prepared. The CAT tests helped show how CAT scoring works, the review section helped me work on problem areas, I would have missed at least one question if I hadn't memorized the powers suggested. I could go on and on about how it's just a great site altogether.   I especially want to thank you Joe. You were always willing to help me with the many questions that I sent, you helped me find questions to target my problem areas, and you were very encouraging at the times when I couldn't hide my stress. I truly thank you. I could almost swear that at a stressful time during the test, I heard your voice telling me I'd be fine.

  • Bell Curves personal tutoring not only fit my unpredictable schedule but it gave me the confidence I needed to reach my goal and score a 640 on the GMAT! Thanks to Bell Curves I was just admitted to the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

  • Just wanted to let you know that I got accepted in UCLA's Anderson School of Management! Thanks for helping me with that GMAT.

  • I would just like to thank Bell Curves and Yanni for all your help with the GMAT. Also, I wanted to inform you guys that I recieved my acceptance letter from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Business.

  • I began the Virtual GMAT Course with Yanique this evening. She is WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for the opportunity to work with such a gifted and patient instructor.

  • I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice on how I should prepare for re-taking the GMAT. I found the Bell Curves information and drills to be wonderful, and together with the Official Guide I was able to raise my score 70 points to a 700! Thanks so much!

  • 690!!!! 46 Quant and 39 Verbal……Yes that's right the GMAT is my B@$! Up from a 5 freakin 30!!!! Thanks for all of the help!

  • I took the GMAT again today (#5 I might add) and scored a 650!  This is a nice improvement over my highest score to date of 590.  I am pleased with the score and feel as though I did my best!!!  Thank you for all of your help man - I could not have done it without ya!!

  • Just wanted to send you guys a quick note to let you know that I was just admitted into Wharton!  Now I'm just waiting to hear back from HBS.  Thanks for all of the help you guys have given me to help make this a reality!

  • I just wanted to update you on my admissions status. So far, I have been admitted to Wharton, Tuck and Fuqua. I am still waiting to hear from Chicago. My average isn't looking too bad! Thank you again for all of your help. I couldn't have done it without you!

  • Dreams do come true! Despite the ease with which I typed that statement - please KNOW that the achievement of your dreams does not come without a lot of hard work. In comes Bell Curves: I have had an extremely positive experience with Akil and the rest of the Bell Curves team. I feel as though they had a genuine interest in my success and challenged me relentlessly. What especially stood out about Bell Curves is the team's emphasis on thinking conceptually about the GMAT and mastering your timing. I am blessed with the "problem" of deciding between Wharton, Chicago, Tuck and Fuqua.

  • Bell Curves really helped me narrow in on my weaknesses on the GMAT. After taking the Princeton Review with no improvement in my score I started to lose hope. After working with Bell Curves I was elated when I saw my score improve by 100 points! I now have a score that will give me a fighting chance in the admissions process and I am quite excited!

  • Akil was the best because he had confidence in me, and required me to give my best. He helped my score improve 70 points, taught me on speaker phone when morning sickness kept me home, and kept the entire class laughing while navigating the stressful b-school process. Bell Curves endorser for life.

  • Bell Curves has been more than just a GMAT prep company for me. Not only did I receive expert GMAT training that helped increase my score by 90 points, but I also received helpful insights into the overall MBA application process. These insights helped me establish a framework in which I was able to successfully be admitted into two of the top worldwide MBA programs.

  • I scored a 690! Thanks to Akil and the Bell Curves team, I was able to increase my GMAT score by 130 points! Without Bell Curves and the invaluable insights and strategies they provided, it would never have been possible. Thank you!

  • Thank you for sticking by me, and for pushing me to do better. The Bell Curves team has been an invaluable asset. Not only have I gotten THE BEST assistance preparing for the GMAT, but I’ve also gotten help with other facets relevant to the B-School process. Thank you Maestro and the Bell Curves Team!

  • It's all over!!! I got a 750!!! Sooooo happy! Couldn’t have done it without all of your help. The class was amazing...your advice, insight and feedback were priceless. The best money I’ve ever spent. Thanks so much!

  • I'd like to sing praises to Akil, Bell Curves and most of all HASHIM! I know I was a difficult student, but your headaches were not in vain! So far I've been accepted to Darden, Fuqua, Stern and Tuck!!!

  • I found out this week that I've been ACCEPTED into Wharton's MBA program for Executives!!! I feel like Bell Curves had a big hand in helping me prepare adequately for the GMAT. Thanks again.

  • After not having a quantitative class in at least 7 years, the BC GMAT company and tutoring served me very well. It provided a comfortable environment where I could ask both simple and difficult questions. I not only received a basic refresher, but also study and test taking strategies. Now I have been accepted to 3 top 10 MBA programs!

  • The intimate classroom environment facilitated networking and support among all involved. At a cost much less than that of many other GMAT prep companies, Bell Curves easily trumps other companies in value. I am extremely thankful for all that the Bell Curves staff has done to help me attain my goal of an MBA from a top institution!

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