Which of the following best completes the passage below?
In a survey of 5,000 divorced men, two-thirds admitted that their infidelity played at least a small role in the decision to dissolve the marriage. However, the survey may underreport the percentage of men who have committed such an act of dishonesty, because ______________.

 (A) some people who will commit one dishonest act might not object to further dishonesty on a survey
 (B) some generally honest people taking the survey might have claimed on the survey to be have performed dishonest acts
 (C) some people who claimed on the survey to behave at least a little dishonestly at some point may be very dishonest
 (D) some people who claimed on the survey to behave dishonest may have been answering honestly
 (E) some married men probably behave at least a little dishonestly
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