At Bell Curves, we guarantee exceptional teaching, top-notch materials, and unparalleled support. If you sign up for a full GMAT program (20 or more hours of classroom instruction or 20 hours of tutoring), we support your preparation until you are happy with your GMAT score.

What does this mean?

This means that after you finish a 20+ hour GMAT course (or 20+ hours of tutoring), if you are still working to improve your GMAT score, you can:

  • Take any class you want for 50% off.
  • Get 15% off any of our one-on-one tutoring.
  • Access all of our online resources.
  • Join our online weekly Q&A sessions.
  • E-mail questions to our GMAT Support team as much as you need.
  • And make use of our online live help.

When do these offers expire? NEVER! We're here for as long as you need us. 

The REAL Guarantee

We guarantee that we will teach you everything you need to know. We don’t promise specific score improvement because that often depends on your learning style and your efforts. Unlike other companies who give you guarantees full of asterisks and caveats, we focus on real, attainable results. We guarantee that we are here as long as you need us. It’s that simple.

Other companies might emphasize gimmicks, like guessing tricks. Our approach teaches you knowledge, not guessing. We teach you the information you need, the ability to recognize the concepts you're being tested on, and how to apply the knowledge and tools you've learned in order succeed. While this approach takes time. It gives you the best chance of 1) getting a huge (150+) score increase, or 2) bridging the gap between a more difficult increase (such as 650 to 700).

And if you ever want to take the course again, we'll give take 50% off the current price, no questions asked.

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