Bell Curves Verbal Manual

The Verbal Manual provides comprehensive reviews of vital GMAT content, effective tools, strategies, and insights, and flexible approaches for the three kinds of GMAT Verbal Questions: Sentence Corrections, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. Each topic in the Verbal Manual is structured on the basis of our proprietary Walkthrough approach to GMAT preparation, which utilizes the powerful Knowledge-Recognition-Execution method to tackling GMAT questions. Lessons include Sentence Correction Grammar and Approach, Introduction to Arguments, Critical Reasoning: Assumption-based Arguments, Reading Comprehension, and Critical Reasoning: Content-based Arguments.

Bell Curves Verbal Workbook

The Verbal Workbook contains succinct reviews of content covered in the Verbal Manual, as well as specific drills and sets of practice GMAT problems for each content area. Each Workbook chapter is aligned with a corresponding chapter in the manual to provide focused practice on key concepts. The workbook can be used as a supplement to the Manual, or as a stand-alone practice book. Complete explanations to all practice problems can be found online in the Bell Curves Student Center.

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