GMAT Express Courses Syllabus:

Session 1: Introduction

This session provides valuable instruction on effective study methods and habits for GMAT success, as well as an introduction to the course, the GMAT, and the resources at your disposal to conquer the GMAT.

Session 2: Math Basics & Number Properties

This session introduces several fundamental math concepts, as well as our highly effective Data Sufficiency Approach in the context of both fundamental and complex Number Properties concepts. 

Session 3: Sentence Correction

This session introduces the major grammar rules tested on the GMAT, as well as instruction on how to recognize when these rules are being tested and how to apply these rules in the context of the Sentence Correction Approach.

Session 4: Arithmetic & Reading Comprehension

This course introduces effective Reading Comprehension strategies and presents Bell Curves tools and strategies for Arithmetic concepts.

Session 5: Algebra & Assumption-based Questions

This session reviews Algebra concepts and covers strategies such as Avoiding Algebra in the context of the Bell Curves Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency approaches. It also introduces the vital components of arguments and the Critical Reasoning Approach, and applies the approach to Assumption-based examples.

Session 6: Geometry & Content-based Questions

This session introduces the vital components of GMAT Geometry, and how to apply geometry concepts in the context of the Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency Approach. The Critical Reasoning Approach will also be applied to Content-based questions.

Session 7: Statistics, AWA, Integrated Reasoning & Strategy

Statistics concepts are reviewed and applied to Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving questions, and the key aspects of the AWA are covered. Additionally, the fundamentals of Integrated Reasoning are introduced, followed by applying the approaches for different question formats.

Session 8: Review and Q&A

This session allows the instructor to review key concepts through additional example problems, as well as field questions from students.

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